Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fully Commit to Feeling Great

Are you fully committed to feeling great? Your (quite logical) response to this question might well be, "Of course, I'm fully committed to feeling great, you idiot! Who wouldn't say yes to that?"

But are you? Think about it. How much of your day is spent in negative thoughts and feelings? That's not a rhetorical question. How much? If you take inventory during the next 24 hours, I think you'll be surprised.

To help you take this personal inventory--that is, to help you make this negativity conscious--use the following affirmation: "I'm fully committed to feeling great 100% of the time." It's one I say a lot. Gently remind your subconscious mind every time you feel yourself slipping into negativity of your new intention to go in a different direction.

And then go in that different direction. Take a moment to feel joy in your body. This will change your life.

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