Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Pain-Body in the Workplace

If people could take a sick day from work for a pain-body attack, we would probably find much more malady in the general population than we currently realize.

Check out this training video script from the HR department of a future Fortune 500 company I uncovered (humor alert: this doesn't really exist):

Employee: Director Fincastle?

Boss: Yes. Come in. What is it?

Employee: I'm going to need to take the rest of the day off.

Boss: (Walks around desk and sits on corner) Is it your pain-body again, Redmond? (Takes glasses off) Why, that's the third time this month?

Employee: Actually, sir, it never went away. It's . . . persisted.

Boss: All right, Redmond. I understand. But I think I might have someone take a look at that, if I were you.

Employee: (With great sincerity) I'm about to do just that right now. (Looks at camera) And that someone is me.

We dissolve the pain-body in exactly this way, by looking at it. Rather than delving endlessly into the past--which doesn't really exist except as a mental construct--we deal with it in the here and now, this present moment (which is the only thing that really does exist). We dissolve the pain-body by focusing our attention on its manifestation as pain in--you guessed it--your body.

If Redmond, in our training film above, had done this earlier, chances are good that his pain-body would have been dissolved then, and he would have been more productive on the job. But some pain-bodies are quite dense due to extreme or long-term build up of negative energy, and these can take longer to fully dissolve. But in time they do dissolve.

And only through awareness.

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