Monday, March 3, 2014

More Haiku . . . Sorry

Desert Heat

Always a mirage--
The road to happiness: long
And never ending.

Photo by Pete Turner/Getty Images courtesy of The Guardian


The wind blows, snow drifts.
Poor weather! It never wins.
We can wait it out.

Photo by Dmitry Sergeev Courtesy of Deviant Art

Washing Hands

In the winter while
Washing my hands the water
Turns from cold to hot.

Photo Courtesy of She Knows Living

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it! I think it might have fit better on a different post, as this post is just a few haiku poems I've written, but I assume that you are responding to the blog in its entirety, so I will respond to it as such.

    May I suggest that your reliance on the Bible as a magic book is misplaced? Certainly, it contains much wisdom, but as Father Justin says in my book, The Self-Improvement Book Club Murder, "Wisdom is self-proving; it needs no canon." I really recommend that you read this book, as it speaks at length about this very issue.

    Everything you've written above are words, correct? And what are words? Words aren't real. They are symbolic representations of ideas. Words and ideas exist only in the unreal world of mind, that virtual space that we all create and live most of our time in, cut off from what might be considered the "real world."

    Same thing for ideas. All that you have expressed above are ideas. They too only exist in the virtual space of mind, not in the real world. And what are ideas? They are rational expressions of . . . feelings. We get a physical sensation in our bodies and we attempt to interpret that feeling as an idea, which then becomes a word, with which we might then communicate that sense impression to someone else.

    This is how two different religions might lead people to the same point, spiritually speaking. The internal physical impressions are expressed one way by one person and another way by another person. These modes of expression are also influenced by the culture and religion into which a person is born.

    But to confuse the words a person uses with the sense impression that are behind them causes people to argue that one set of words are the right set, while another set of words are the wrong ones to use. All the words that anyone uses are not real anyway, so there's no use in worrying about them, wouldn't you agree?

    The important thing, the thing that Jesus and Buddha--and all the religions in the world before they also flew off and got lost in this unreal world of rationality--were originally attempting to get people to focus on was this real world of sense impressions inside their bodies. Let all the words wash over you, and then go inside your body. Feel it from the inside, so to speak. This is what you might call your soul. Get in touch with your soul and suggest to others that they get in touch with their souls too. Because that's where the connectedness to God is. Not in the virtual world of mind. God is that in which we live, move and have our being. God is reality, in other words. Stop worrying so much about that correctness of the words and come back into reality, your own little slice of which is your body. Feel your inner-body because that's where God is. That is where your connectedness to God and to all that is . . . is.

    Learning to be again is what we're after, not thinking or doing but being. I hope this helps!


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