Monday, May 17, 2021

The "Ahhhh" Moment

People talk about the "Ah-ha!" moment, but you hear less often about the "Ahhhh" moment. It's something that you might want to try to work into your schedule at least once a day. Maybe even more often if you can.

I have an Ahhhh moment every morning I go to the beach. It usually happens as pre-dawn I hit the apex of the A. Max Brewer Memorial Bridge. I don't know who A. Max Brewer is/was, but I sure like his bridge. Here is a picture of my morning commute. You can just make out the edge of the Indian River (which is actually a lagoon). Majestic. Ahhhh.

If it doesn't happen there, it will likely happen in conjunction with my first sighting of water fowl, like this one.

Or these guys.

Or these Pelicans, the P-3 Orions of the Animal Kingdom. These guys are all business, on patrol. They should should wear those slouchy pilots covers with the inner tension bands removed.

Or this one. This is one big ass bird, because I'm a long way away from him.

[As an aside, I didn't even know there was such a thing as an ASS bird, big or small. What I've also recently learned is that there are no medium ASS birds, only big ASS birds and small ASS birds. But I digress.]

This is probably not an ASS bird at all, in fact, but rather the Great Egret or the Great Blue Heron. My bird watching skills are not sufficient to make a confident identification. But seeing it brings on that Ahhhh sensation, like when a child finally stops crying and decides to get on with life. Deep breath and full exhale. Life is good.

If not by the time I see my first water bird, than by all means, if I make it to my desk on time, when this happens:

If you achieve this Ahhhh moment frequently, chances are you are in what I call the upward spiral. The world around you is a reflection of your inner state. When the inside feels good, the world around you reflects that back to you making you feel even better.

There is also the downward spiral. You are not conscious of your inner state and it generally feels bad. That bad feeling is reflected in the world around you and your inner space feels worse. And worse. And worse. Until something gives way. Until you become conscious of your inner state. That's really all it takes to turn the downward spiral into an upward spiral.

Lots of things can help you achieve the Ahhhh moment. Some people use drugs, alcohol, sex, music and many others to get to their Ahhhh moment. This can lead to addition.

But it really doesn't take anything at all. You can begin to become aware of your inner state regardless of your surroundings or circumstances. Then take pleasure in watching them change for the better.

Take all of the foregoing as a hypothesis and experiment. Start to become aware of your inner state, how you feel. Allow yourself to feel better--don't resist it--like that child who has cried himself out. Use every part of your body, like this. Feel good, have as many Ahhhh moments as you can and see what happens.


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