Friday, May 27, 2022

If I Were to Run for Office, This Would Be My Agenda

I'm not likely to run for office, but if I did this would be my agenda. I wanted to go ahead and get the list out there now. This is a work in progress. I'll flesh it out little by little later. I'm not sure I would find a constituency, but I wouldn't really care. I would just run on this agenda and let the cards fall where they may.

1. Overturn Roe v. Wade

The abortion issue is what's called a wedge issue--the ultimate wedge issue, it seems--that inures to the benefit of the Republican party and ultimately rich people of both parties. Abortion splits the middle class right down the middle. Half of those middle-class people vote Democrat, the other half Republican. This allows rich people and evangelicals to control the Republican party and rich people, poor people and kooks (mostly kooks) to control the Democratic party. The result of this division has been the resolute decimation of the middle class over the last 5 decades since Roe v. Wade was decided.

Without Roe v. Wade, both parties would have to tailor their respective platforms and policies in favor of the middle class, rather than the rich and the poor. Franklin Roosevelt was the first politician to harness the power of the middle class, and he won four terms in office, followed by a fifth for his Vice-president, Harry Truman. The run was only ended by General Eisenhower, a war hero, who was a Republican, but whose policies were in no way different from those of Roosevelt/Truman, and who was anchored by a Democratic Congress throughout his eight years in office. He was followed by eight more years of Democratic hegemony. This was an era of unparalleled prosperity. A return to a pre-Roe national political landscape would invite back those years of growth and  stability. It would make both parties much more sensible.

Middle-class people tend to be rather no-nonsense in their approach to life. The extremes of the social liberals that have a stranglehold on Washington, DC today would take a back seat to normal, middle-of-the-road middle-class values. This would be the best thing for the poor, as well. A thriving and attainable middle-class to which they can aspire and thrive is far more effective at raising them out of their poverty than any government giveaway program could ever be.

2. Expand the Definition of Religion

Realizing and legally recognizing through court precedent that certain worldviews hold no distinction from historical religions would go a long way toward leveling the playing field of politics and education. Religions like LQBTQ+, Climate Change and even Science in general currently are allowed to indoctrinate throughout society with impunity, particularly in schools. "Outing" them as religions would mean they could no long fly beneath the radar. People would still be able to practice these nihilistic and atheistic religions but they would no longer be allowed to use the airwaves to proselytize and preach that their way is the truth and all other religions are false.

3. Reinstate Impoundment

Impoundment is--or I should say was--the President's authority to bring the activities of the Executive branch of the federal government in under budget each year by not spending money allocated by Congress to all the various departments. The President had this authority until 1973, when Nixon--the worst President in history--signed it away under pressure from Democrats in Congress during the Watergate scandal. You can read all about it here.

The removal of the President's impoundment power has resulted directly in the multi-trillion-dollar federal deficits we have today. Before 1973, federal deficits were very low. Here's another article on impoundment.

4. Plastic Reclamation

Every business entity should be required to reclaim the amount of plastic that the company releases into the environment. It does have to be the same plastic, but the same amount. It will be up to that company to decide what to do with all the reclaimed plastic, but it can't go back into the environment. They can recylce it, store it or shoot it in a rocket ship to the sun, but they can't sent it to a landfill.

This requirement will force companies to deal with the hidden cost of their choice of packaging and will promote the use of more suitable alternatives. Many younger people don't realize that Coke and Pepsi glass bottles (there were no plastic bottles then) were returned to grocery stores. Coke and Pepsi would clean the bottles and reuse them. We need to force companies to return to these kinds of practices.

5. Fortify Schools to a Minimum Federal Standard

School shootings have become a fact of life. So have very vulnerable schools. This is unconscionable. All schools must become hard targets. While politicians argue about an impossible goal of getting rid of guns, this commonsense program must be established. What are we paying a federal department of Education for if not this?

This is only a stop-gap measure, however. (See item 6 below.)

6. Abolish Public Schools

Seemingly everything in the news these days has tended to prove my theory that government schools are no place for children. These places are infested with all kinds of indoctrination that only clouds and prevents achievement of their main objective, which is supposed to be provision of education and information that will help children thrive economically as adults. Rather than teach the fundamentals of reading, writing, arithmetic, and other essentials, like money management, entrepreneurialism, they're instead indoctrinated, brainwashed and perverted by extreme religious groups (see item 2 above).

Take the money from these bloated bureaucracies and attach that money to the students, returning the power for education to parents. Private schools will spring up to use that money to much more efficiently, which will include physical security that actually works in times of crisis.

7. Make Student Loans Dischargable in Bankruptcy

If student loans are dischargable in bankrunptcy, gone will be unmarketable degrees. If lenders must vet the prospects for repayment of their borrowers, they will look favorably upon good grades, marketable degrees and institutions with excellent placement rates. As an added bonus, gone with be whole departments of colleges and universities which seem hellbent upon the destruction of government and society.

8. Give Union Reps Seats on Boards of Directors

This is the German corporate model. It's a commonsense approach that empowers employees. Unions are very much empowering of the middle-class. These types of reforms will become commonplace once (if) Roe v. Wade is overturned (see item 1 above).

9. Get Tax Collection Out of the Home

All taxes should be collected in a commercial setting: sales tax, value added tax, excise tax, etc. Citizens don't need this headache every year.

10. All Income Derived from Pornography Should Be Taxed at a 50% or Higher Rate.

This should balance the budget. There was a day when regular entertainment was free and pornography cost a pretty penny. We need to get back to that reality.

11. Inflation Must Be Repaid with Deflation

Inflation is an unlegislated tax on bank deposits. The government should have to reimburse these takings with an equal amount of deflation. The 2% inflation target established by the Fed is unlawful. Money must be stable.

12, The Southern Border Should Be Militarized.

"We the People" decide who comes into the country and no one else. Order the Army to shut down the invatsion.

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